First Step

First Step is a voluntary program which provides innovative early childhood instruction for 4 and 5 year olds.

Trò chơi đổi tiền mặtThe NNPS First Step Preschool is designed to help four-year-old learners gain an understanding of their world through joyful, developmentally-appropriate experiences.  Literacy instruction follows a continuum that builds on the child's need to communicate through meaningful and authentic activities in oral language, reading, and writing.  Our students gain mathematics concepts through questioning, problem solving, persistence, and communication.  Units of study based on science and social studies concepts provide opportunities for students to understand themselves, friends, families, communities, and the larger world in which they live through inquiry and daily experiences.  Students have daily art, music, and physical activities to develop the whole child.

  • All First Step Early Childhood Centers host a full day program, using the same curriculum, materials, and instructional strategies.
  • School assignments must be based on the home address of the child's parent/legal guardian.
  • A teacher and an instructional assistant have about 18 children in each class.
  • Workshops and activities for parents are an important part of the program.
  • The program is free.
  • Transportation is provided to and from school, based on the home address of the child's parent/legal guardian.
  • First Step students enter kindergarten the following school year.

Varinda Robinson
Program Administrator, Federal Programs

Annemarie Hanrahan
Instructional Specialist, Pre-K
(757)283-7850 x.10249

First Step

Changes due to COVID-19

Pre-Registration:Trò chơi đổi tiền mặt Please see the instructions below for the new pre-registration procedure.


Trò chơi đổi tiền mặtDuring these unprecedented times, NNPS is going to pre-register students for pre-K virtually.


To be eligible for the 2020-2021 First Step program:

  • The child must live in a Newport News Public School zone.
  • The child's birthday must be between October 1, 2015 and September 30, 2016 to be eligible to participate for the 2020-2021 school year.  Based on available space.
  • Meet State requirements for eligibility. (Based on parental income, education, homelessness and special education needs services.)
  • Your child must have immunizations unless there are medical reasons shared by a letter from a certified physician.

If your child meets the eligibility guidelines, please complete the pre-registration form and submit via one of the three options below:

  1. Complete the form online and email it along with income verification to

  2. Print the completed form and send it along with income verification through postal mail to:
       South Morrison
       Attn: Phuong Le
       746 Adams Dr. - Rm 23
    Trò chơi đổi tiền mặt    Newport News, VA 23601

  3. If you need a hard copy of the form, please email or call (757) 283-7788.

How to complete the pre-registration form

Please complete the entire first page (not including office use only). On the second page only, fill out what is relevant to you. Income verification is required from both children's parents/guardians/caregivers who have primary custody or contribute to the child's welfare. Income verification must be emailed in for your pre-k pre-registration packet to be complete. Examples of some acceptable forms for income verification are: W2, two weeks' pay stubs, child support award letter, taxes from 2019, and SNAP award letter.

Instrucciones de preinscripción en español

Durante estos tiempos sin precedentes, NNPS va a preinscribir a los estudiantes para pre-k virtualmente. Para ser elegible su niño(a) de pre-k debe:

  • Vivir en Newport News
  • Haber nacido entre 1 octubre 2015 y el 30 de septiembre del 2016
  • Cumplir con los requisitos del estado para elegibilidad (ingreso, educación de los padres, sin vivienda y servicios de educación especial)
  • Su niño (a) debe tener inmunizaciones al menos que haya razones médicas compartidas por una carta de un médico certificado.

Trò chơi đổi tiền mặt Si su niño (a) cumple con las pautas anteriores, favor completar el formulario de preinscripción y someta con una de las tres opciones siguientes:

  1. Complete el formulario en línea y mándelo por correo electrónico con la verificación de ingreso aò chơi đổi tiền mặt.

  2. Imprima el formulario completado y envíelo junto con la verificación de ingreso por correo postal al:
       South Morrison
       Attn: Phuong Le
       746 Adams Dr. - Rm 23
    Trò chơi đổi tiền mặt    Newport News, VA 23601

  3. Si necesita una copia en papel del formulario favor enviar un correo electrónico a Trò chơi đổi tiền mặt o llame al 283-7788.

Como completar el formulario de preinscripción:

Favor completar la primera página entera (sin incluir la parte solo para uso oficial office use only). En la segunda pagina solo, complete lo que sea relevante a usted. Se requiere Verificación de ingreso para ambos padres/tutores/cuidadores del niño(a) que tienen custodia principal o contribuyen al bienestar del niño(a). Verificación de ingreso debe ser enviada por correo electrónico o postal para que su paquete de preinscripción de pre-k este completo Trò chơi đổi tiền mặt . Ejemplos de formularios aceptados de verificación de ingreso son: W2, comprobantes de pago de dos semanas, carta de entrega de manutención infantil, impuestos del 2019, carta de entrega de SNAP.

La primera ventana de preinscripción cierra a las 4:30pm el 23 de abril del 2020. La próxima ventana de preinscripción será del 4 de mayo al 15 de mayo del 2020. A medida que pase el tiempo, se abrirán más ventanas.

More Information

If accepted in the program, the child will be assigned to his/her zoned First Step center.  School assignments are based solely on the home address of the child's parent/legal guardian.

Click here to find your zoned preschool program

Trò chơi đổi tiền mặtThe First Step Early Childhood Centers are:

Parents play an important part in First Step. If a child is accepted in the program, the parents must:

  • Complete the registration process as scheduled in the registration letter.
  • Have a responsible person pick up the child at school, or meet the school bus on time every day.
  • Participate in parent meetings when requested.
  • Make sure the child wears the supplied name tag each day.

Please call (757)283-7788 if you have questions or need assistance making an appointment for a First Step preschool pre-registration.